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2024 Pre-Registration

Camp Halcyon Summer July 2017-6_preview.jpg

About Pre-Registration

*NOTE* due to inflation and an increase in our operating costs, we have had to increase our 2024 camp costs. This is the first time we've increased our prices since 2016 and we made that decision to ensure that we can keep Camp Halcyon going. 

Whether you joined us for one of our 2023 camps or you're new to Camp Halcyon but want to join us in 2024, this is your chance to secure your spot today.

Here's how it works: 

When you pre-register, you'll complete the basic form below so that we have the info we need from you for now. At the end of the form, we'll collect the $100 deposit from you to secure your spot. When our pre-registration period is over, we'll begin reaching out to you to collect additional info as well as the remaining payment.

If you are traveling with a group and are registering guests, we must have a separate pre-registration form and $100 deposits for every single member of your party

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