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June 29-July 2 - Registration

Camp Halcyon Summer July 2017-6_preview.jpg

About Registration

Come join us as we celebrate the resurrection of Camp Halcyon at our first camp of the 2023 season!

Our pre-registration period has ended so we are no longer accepting deposits or partial payments. Full registration will remain open until a few days before camp begins or until it sells out, which happens often.

Below you will find a registration form for our June 29-July 2 camp. If you are registering yourself for camp, please complete the form, the liability waiver and the $500 payment. Once we have all of these items, you will be officially registered for camp. 


If you are traveling with a group and are registering guests, we must have a separate form, liability waiver and $500 payment for every single member of your party.

Camp Halcyon - June 29-July 2

Join us for the first camp of 2023!


This camp is currently sold out.

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