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Events Organizer: 

Beyond Camping, LLC/Camp Halcyon

Statement Of Purpose:

We care about your safety and enjoyment at our camp. It should be a great deal of fun. This is a camp for adults only. We will not be monitoring or supervising all campers like would be typical at a youth camp. We only ask that each camper maintain a reasonable amount of adult awareness for his/her own safety. This document is an attempt to clarify and confirm that agreement. 


Partial Waiver:

I understand that Beyond Camping, LLC is sponsoring an adult camping experience. This camping experience is taking place in the woods and on a campground. my participation in this event assumes certain risks: 

  1. Falls:

In the woods there are fallen branches, tree roots, rocks, shrubs, bumps and divots in the ground that can be tripped over. I understand that Beyond Camping, LLC will not be removing all of these tripping hazards. Even in areas that are cleared out for meeting areas and fire pit gatherings, there are still some tree roots, ice, and depressions or bumps from place to place that have not been removed. It is my responsibility to take care while walking on the Camp Lakotah premises to not trip and fall over these obstacles; and I agree not to hold Beyond Camping, LLC liable for any injury resulting from such a fall. 

  2. Wild Insects/Animals:

In the woods there are wild animals and insects. There is a decent chance I might get a mosquito bite. There is also a chance I may come into contact with other animals or insects that are naturally present in the Wisconsin ecosystem. I understand that Beyond Camping, LLC has not removed these animals or insects from the woods or from the camp; and I may have contact with these bugs or critters. It is my responsibility to bring whatever mosquito repellant I think is appropriate and take whatever measures I reasonably think necessary to protect myself from any wildlife; and I agree not to hold Beyond Camping,, LLC liable for any injury resulting from contact with such animals or insects. 

  3. Conduct of Other Campers:

I understand that the conduct of other campers cannot be completely controlled by Beyond Camping, LLC. Beyond Camping, LLC is not providing insurance from the bad behavior of other campers. In the unlikely event I am injured by the negligence of another guest attending the camp; I will not try to hold Beyond Camping, LLC liable for it. This does not constitute a release of any liability against the other camper. 

  4. Campfires:

I understand that Beyond Camping, LLC will be providing campfires in the fire pits on the premises. I understand that it is my responsibility to conduct myself in such a manner to not fall into the fire or to get so close to the fire that I get burned. Even after the fire appears out; I understand that the fire pit will remain very hot and unsafe to walk, crawl or fall into. I will not hold Beyond Camping, LLC responsible if I walk, crawl or fall into a fire pit and get injured. 

  5. Water: 

This camp abuts a lake full of water. I understand that if I choose to go swimming and/or boating, I do so at my own risk. Beyond Camping, LLC is not providing lifeguards or closely monitoring each camper’s behavior at all times. much of the activities are at the campers free choice and will not be closely supervised by Beyond Camping, LLC staff. I understand that it is very important that I take reasonable precautions for myself while swimming or boating, so that I will not find myself in danger of injury from drowning. 



In summation, I agree not to hold Beyond Camping, LLC liable for risks naturally associated with my decision to interact with nature or the conduct of people not employed by Beyond Camping, LLC. 


Compliance with Wisconsin Law:

Beyond Camping, LLC is not, by this document, attempting to insulate itself from proper liability under Wisconsin law for any negligent acts of its employees or staff. The purpose of this waiver is to clarify that each camper is agreeing that certain risks are present in any camping experience, and these natural risks are accepted by the camper. This waiver is an attempt to comply with Wisconsin law regarding such waivers as explained by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the case Atkins v Swimwest Family Fitness Center, 2005 i 4, 277 wis 2d 303, 691 n.w.2d 334. Any portion of this document that is interpreted by the court to be contrary to Wisconsin law is unenforceable, and should be read out of this document; leaving the remainder in force. This is an attempt to be reasonable and this form is presented for clarification between the camper and Beyond Camping, LLC. This is not a take it or leave it release. Any camper who is unhappy with this proposed release is encouraged and free to provide an alternate release for consideration by Beyond Camping, LLC. 

By registering/paying for and participating in any event hosted or organized by Beyond Camping, LLC. you are agreeing to the terms set forth in this waiver.

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